Korean leading company for manufacturing functional raw materials: surface treated powder, UV-cut dispersion with high loading concentration, actives ingredients, and semi finish products.

Specialized in Nylon powder, a performance material to create innovative textures and other added functionalities to cosmetic products.

Specialized in advance technologies to create a safe, non-irritant, no side-effect, and more effective raw materials of sun protection, skin whitening and anti-aging.

Specialized benefits of raw materials such as New Vitamin C derivatives, Natural onion (anti-oxidant), good disinfectant, multi-color mineral clay powder, Specialized Bio-Cellulose mask.

A part of the Arkema group, world leading designer and manufacturer of water based rheology additives.

Natural ingredient specialized company based in Korea, that constantly develops and produces raw material of cosmetic, food, and medicine as well from daily produce.

Specialized in natural hair growth materials with proven clinical study and other extensive line to contribute to the health of the mind and body of the person.

A French company leading in specialty actives and functional ingredients with outstanding sensorial benefits and expertise in skin care/ pharmaceutical formulation.

A Japanese based manufacturer, with 65 years of experience since established, with expertise in a wide range of products. From fragrances, flavors, cosmetic & pharmaceutical raw materials, to food materials and additives.

A twenty year plus old privately held US Corporation, a technical marketer and manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients catering to the cosmetics and personal care market. They are world renowned for our technology platforms, excellent regulatory compliance, and green earth friendly products. Not to mention, they are recently ISO 9001:2015 certified.

One of the leading Korean companies for the manufacture and trade of high-quality raw materials for cosmetics and personal care products. Based on Green & Bio-technology, they provide stable and safe cosmetic raw materials such as antimicrobials, active ingredients and multi-functionals to customers around the world. Since ActivON was founded, it has constantly expanded its expertise via Re-fine technology and global R&D networks for the cosmetics industry.

A line of natural based feel modifiers and gelling agents that improve stability while delivering exceptional spread profiles and a series of natural & green plant based, proprietary & patent pending cleansing chassis offering superior performance characteristics.

A Germany-based company that has been operating in the oleochemicals sector for over 55 years, and has achieved an outstanding position in the international markets. Originally specialists in functional lipids for cosmetic applications, they now develop and supply a wide range of other functional ingredients such as emollients, viscosity agents, emulsion stabilizers and surfactants for innovative cosmetic products